Trinity Alps Panorama


[ Click on the photo to see a larger version ]

My first trip to the Trinity Alps was back when my pack was still too heavy. We used the trailhead at the head of Coffee Creek and climbed over 3,300′ in a little under 8 miles to the Caribou Lakes. Today I’d laugh at that trip profile, but back then it was serious business.

Anyway, the next day I climbed the ridge behind the Caribou Lakes and found myself looking down on the Stuart Fork drainage and wanting to go there someday. The above photo is a geniune, old fashioned panorama. It’s how we used to do it in the old days, kids.

Down the left side you can see the Stuart Fork, with Morris Meadows at the end, before it drops down the canyon. On the right you can see Emerald Lake and further up the canyon, Sapphire Lake.

Dead middle of the middle photo you can see Sawtooth Mtn. and what could be called Sawtooth Ridge. The largest peak on the right is Thompson Peak, the tallest peak in the Trinity Alps.