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Muddy Ski Boots

Muddy boots. A cool trick to keep them under control.

Not surprisingly, I don’t wear my ski boots while driving. On some trips I wear loose fitting pants over my skiing tights so I won’t feel like one of Robin Hood’s Merrymen should I have to stop for gas or a bit to eat. But this usually means hopping around on one foot trying to keep my balance on a snow covered parking lot as I take off these pants and put on my ski boots.

Fly fishermen to the rescue. Some crafty fly types came up with the idea to design a changing bag that makes it easier to take off their wading boots and waders and keep their wife’s car from getting all wet and muddy. You step in the bag, which is about 24 inches square but only a couple of inches high, change your boots and/or clothes, step out of the bag, pull the drawstring shut and toss in the trunk without muddying up your car. Simms has one called the Taco Bag for about $29.