The Worst Case of Altitude Sickness I’ve Ever Seen

I was going through some old photos while working on my new website and found this.

Worst Case Altitude Sickness

That’s me on the left, wearing my ever so fashionable 1970’s Chouinard Equipment (now Patagonia) Stand-up shorts. Shorts were simply shorter back then and these shorts were built with canvas cloth heavy enough they would literally stand up by themselves in the corner. Laugh all you want, they were massively durable and easy to hike and climb in, not like today’s shorts that bind when trying to take a huge step up.

The other two in the photo will remain anonymous, but both recovered nicely once we dropped in elevation.

I think the photo was shot in 1977 during an epic trip from Mammoth to Yosemite Valley via Glacier Pass and the Lyell Fork basin below Mount Ansel Adams. So many things happened on that trip. Bikini panties discovered in my sleeping bag (turns out my brother’s girlfriend borrowed my sleeping bag months before;) discovering a lake that had granite “sidewalks” so extensive we didn’t wear shoes the entire time we were there; a bear with a red tag in her ear and her three cubs coming up behind us on the trail as we were taking a break and then dropping the car keys while quickly backing out of the area; a bear sniffing my friend’s face at 2 in the morning; watching a group of guys carrying a sailboat and mast up Nevada Falls at 2:10am on their way to Merced Lake (they said they belonged to the ‘Night Hikers’); arriving in the Valley to discover the car keys were missing and hiking 20 miles back up the trail looking for the keys; arriving back in the Valley in the late afternoon to find the keys at Lost & Found (it was the 4th of July and the Valley was crazy); camping in the backyard of a friend of ours that lived just outside the Valley (he wasn’t home) only to discover later that he didn’t live there anymore! Epic.