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Dirty Spring Skiing Conditions

Dirty Spring Skiing. A cool trick

This isn’t my idea — I think it came from an article in the Master Skier from someone who had a lifetime of tips to offer.

On those last skiing days of Spring it is not unusual for your bases to get really, really dirty. All the dust in the air and the pine needles falling on the trails make for messy skis, especially if you are like me and using klister kick wax.

Take a 3M Scrotchbrite sponge, soak it in a little Spic N Span and put it in a ziplock bag. When your skis get slow out on the trail, take out your sponge and give your bases a quick cleaning. This works pretty well and you can get a couple of cleanings during the day from this method. One time I was wrapping up a day of skiing at Royal Gorge and was heading back for the lodge on a trail that crossed the road. There was so much blown dirt on the snow from the cars driving by that by the time I skied the few short minutes back to the lodge I literally had to walk DOWNHILL due to the dirt and dust in my bases. Wish I had one of those sponge pads with me that day…