Devils Postpile Webcam

Devil's Postpile Webacm

The new Devil’s Postpile webcam is brought to you by the same people that installed the original Tioga Pass webcam. It’s updated only once an hour, but hey, how much up-to-date information do you really need?

[ Click here for Devils’ Postpile webcam ]

There’s also information about the new Tioga Pass webcam. Apparently they have it up and running, but it’s not public on the internet just yet until the Park Service throws some switches on the Master Panel and lets us see it too. I sent them an email urging them to simply make it happen. It is one of the most useful webcams I commonly peruse.


I got an email back from Yosemite saying internet service to Tioga Pass is shut off during the winter. Oh well. So much for one of the most useful webcams in the Sierra Nevada. Someday the internet will be all satellite all the time. I’m just sayin’.