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The Worst Case of Altitude Sickness I’ve Ever Seen

The Worst Case of Altitude Sickness I’ve Ever Seen

I was going through some old photos while working on my new website and found this. That's me on the left, wearing my ever so fashionable 1970's Chouinard Equipment (now Patagonia) Stand-up shorts. Shorts were simply shorter back then and these shorts were built with canvas cloth heavy...

Paco’s has moved.

Stumbled across the fact that Paco's XC in Truckee has moved. They were in the Safeway shopping center and are now about two miles west on Donner Summit Rd. at the old outlets stores. That's good news, as those outlets stores have been going downhill (no pun intended) and every other store was...

Next Summer

I usually enter into this time of year with a little dread. There's not enough snow to go skiing, yet there's a little too much snow to go backpacking. Fishing season on small streams closes on November 15th, so that's out. Golf is way fun, but it's not really an exercise. Maybe speed golf would...

Looking for ski events?

If you live in Northern California and are looking for ski events, try here: If you're looking for other stuff related to backpacking and other fun things, no matter where you live, click on my Home page link. Remember, this is a club with no meetings, no members, no dues.

2011 — the year of the anti-drought

Some kind of snow year, eh? Some parts of the Sierra are registering over 190% of normal. Nice for late skiing, good for the fish next year, bad for getting early access to the backcountry for backpacking. With the opening of the fly fishing season next Saturday, there are lots of tiny streams I...