Just remember, no matter where you go, there you are.


I’ve been backpacking since 1976, back when if your pack weighed 45 pounds at the start of a 3 day trip, you said “Hmmm, that’s not bad.”
Nowadays I get cranky if my pack is one ounce over 30 pounds when I start out on a 5 day trip. Less weight=more fun.
Around 2004 I started to get back into lightweight backpacking and on my first trip with new gear I thought to myself as I traveled along cross country at 10,000′, “This is easy!”
Since that trip I’ve shed even more pounds off of my pack. I’m about as low as I can go before I start giving up comfort. I marvel at some of these guys that cruise around with 17 lb packs, but I’m just not ready for that yet.
I’ll post stories here about my experiences with gear I use, places I go, and trail cruising epiphanies that come to me while backpacking.

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